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UniQ START NO GRAIN is designed specifically for puppies and junior.

You can start feeding puppies from 3 weeks until it is approx. 90% adult. With START your dog gets set the foundation for a long life.
UniQ START should really be called a growth feed because it is balanced so your puppy will have the best conditions for growth and bone development. We have selected raw materials to make it a pleasure for your puppy to eat.

The forage is containing everything your puppy needs and you should avoid adding minerals and vitamins in order not to disrupt the balance. Start is available in two versions one for puppies (small) and one for Junior (large)

Feed Guide
You can give START both in dry form and diluted in water. Make sure your puppy always has access to fresh water.
You NOURISHED correctly when your puppy is neither too thick or too thin.

You should consider a ready-mixed portion as a fresh product. You should not leave it in room temperature all day. Would you like to give extra you can get a little A-38 or a raw egg yolk sometimes in between.