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UniQ Professionel – Hundefoder

Super Premium dog food – The most winning working dog food in the last ten years.

UniQ dog food contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your she needs throughout life. UniQ is available in six different variants depending on your dog’s needs and age. UniQ dog food ensures your dog energy, health and vitality throughout life. Choose the UniQ that best suits your dog.


UniQ START gives your dog the foundation for a long and healthy life. START is a puppy and young dog food, carefully balanced so your dog gets the best conditions for its growth and bone development.

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UniQ START NO GRAIN gives your dog a foundation for a long and healthy life. You can start feeding the puppy with UniQ START No Grain from the age of 3 weeks until it is approx. 90% grown. The feed is grain-free.


ACTIVE Gluten-free

UniQ ACTIVE is a gluten-free product for the adult dog who needs a little extra. It contains all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs.

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Premium dog food developed especially for adult dogs. BASIC is a complete food, which means that all the necessary nutrients your dog needs are adapted to the food’s energy content.

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With UniQ POWER dog food, your dog has the best conditions to perform optimally for training, tests, hunting, competitions, long bike rides, etc.

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BASIC No Grain is a complete feed that is produced COMPLETELY without grains, rice & corn and without added aromas, colors or flavors.

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UniQ HIGH POWER is developed especially for working and competition dogs who have to perform extremely hard work. Suitable for sled dogs.

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LIGHT is a complete feed. This means that all the necessary nutrients that the older dog needs are adapted to the energy content of the food. The food is also suitable for overweight dogs.

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