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Glucosamine product that effectively prevents, maintains and restores the dog’s joints.

Mover from UniQ Nordic Gold is a unique and 100% natural blend of vegetable fat, added with MoverFlex +, an effective natural glucosamine extracted from crustaceans from Nordic waters. The glucosamine in Mover has been tested up to 15 times stronger than the glucosamine extracted from the green-lipped mussel and which is traditionally used in the market. Adding carefully selected herbs completes the recipe on optimal conditions for your dog’s joints in all situations.

  • Natural bioabsorbable glucosamine
  • Natural ingredients
  • Effective joint care

12 months from production date.

Dosage per kg body weight:
Prevention 0.25 g / kg
Maintenance 0.50 g / kg
Recovery 0.75 g / kg.

Maximum daily dosage:
1 g pr. kg body weight.

Vegetable fat
Rose Hip
MoverFlex + (Product of shrimp shells with a high content of natural glucosamine)
Willow Bark

Content per 100 grams in%
Crude fat 68%
Wood 7%
Crude protein 4%
Water 4%
Crude ash 1%

UniQ NordicGold Mover is not a medicine. If you are in doubt about the dog’s health, contact your veterinarian.