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Fast and efficient muscle building and increased strength.

In addition to soybeans and vegetable fats, Builder from UniQ Nordic Gold contains effective blackcurrant, apple, mint and ginger. The soybeans are dried at low temperature and then carefully ground so that the beans’ beneficial content of oils, fatty acids, protein and amino acids is best preserved. The high content of the mentioned substances adds all the important essences that are needed for the dog to develop its muscles in the best possible way. The nucleotides are added to help with regeneration after muscle and tissue damage. The dog’s uptake of the proteins is supported by the super simplified emulsification process of the specially developed vegetable fat contained in the Builder.

Builder is particularly suitable for

  • Help with building muscle after injury or illness.
  • Show dogs, weightpull dogs, hunting dogs, agility, running, etc.
  • Regeneration of lactating bitches
  • Boost for muscle building and noticeably improved energy level

Vegetable fat
Soybeans (GMO free)

Content per 100 grams in%
Crude fat 54%
Crude protein 13%
Wood 10%
Water 6%
Crude ash 1%
NOTE: As the product has a high content of natural high-efficiency protein, there should be increased attention to overdose during the feeding period.

18 months from production date.
Store dry and without direct sunlight.

Maximum daily dosage:
0.75 g pr. kg body weight.
Dogs with less needs are given smaller doses. The product is dosed as needed and should only be given in close collaboration with a knowledgeable feed consultant.

UniQ NordicGold Builder is not a drug. If you are in doubt about the dog’s health, contact your veterinarian.