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UniQ NordicGold Supplements

Supplementary products from UniQ NordicGold are pure Nordic ingredients for your best friend. With four different supplement products, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your dog. Our products consist exclusively of natural herbs and ingredients. These products, like our feed, are produced and manufactured in Denmark. All NordicGold products include long-dried herbs, harvested on Danish fields. The herbs are carefully selected based on their healthy and strengthening properties. To protect the active substances, we first dry the herbs at low temperatures over several days. The raw materials we use constitute a life-prolonging combination of natural and healthy proteins, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients.


Mover from UniQ Nordic Gold is a unique and 100% natural blend of vegetable fat, added with MoverFlex +, an effective natural glucosamine extracted from crustaceans from Nordic waters.

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Uniq NordicGold Performer are selected plant oils that, through a process, have become pure controllable energy that makes the dog more enduring and energetic.

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Fast efficient muscle building and increased strength. In addition to soybeans and vegetable fats, Builder from UniQ Nordic Gold contains effective blackcurrant, apple, mint and ginger.

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Vitamins and minerals for your dog directly from nature. Pure natural seaweed from the North Atlantic.

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