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Full Feed adult dogs – Blue label

UniQ BASIC is designed specifically for adult dogs.

BASIC is a full feed, it means that its content is tailored with all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs. Your dog is sure to get the correct amount of nutrients. It also contains all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. You should therefore avoid adding minerals and vitamins in order not to destroy this balance.

With BASIC your dog’s health and vitality of a lifetime through is ensured. As a basic feed, you will always find that your dog has a beautiful shiny coat and a faeces, which is always 100% right. And sorry, but with you know it yourself, if your stomach is OK, you have it right. After one month feeding with BASIC many see that their dog’s fur is gaining shine.

BASIC is always delivered fresh. We off course provide production date, so you can see when it is produced.

Feed Guide

You can give BASIC both in dry form and diluted in water. Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water.
Recommended feeding amounts are 14 to 19 grams per kg dog per day. But you are the best to look at your dog and see how much it should have. You should consider a ready-mixed portion as a fresh product. You should not leave it in room temperature all day.
Would you like to give extra, you can get a little yogurt or a raw egg yolk once in a while.

What the food makes for your dog:

Energy content in the diet – 390 kcal or 1630 kJ
The energy in the diet comes mainly from highly digestible protein and fat. In addition, carbohydrate also counts as an energy source.
Feed quantity and the dog’s energy is not proportional to weight:
– Dogs with thick fur burns up more than dogs with little fur.
– Large dogs have relatively higher consumption than small dogs.
– Dogs living outside consume more than dogs living inside.
– There is a difference of individuals with regard to absorption and burning up
– Some breeds are more lively than others
Daily needs, which are listed in the feed guide is indicative only.
Exercise, hard training and hunting increases energy needs. For example, the energy needed when hunting is twice the need when resting. A hard-working dog is a dog that several times during the week has to work for several hours. The dog retrieves nearly 2 / 3 parts of its energy from fat, ¼ from protein and the rest from carbohydrates. If your dog works hard several times during the week, we recommend feeding with POWER.

21% Proteins

The proteins in BASIC come from fish and chicken. These proteins have high convertibility (biological value).
Proteins are the building blocks necessary for growth and to build the immune system. They may also be burned up and stored as fat.
It is the amino acids in proteins the dog needs.

22 different amino acids are necessary. Dogs can provide 12 themselves. The remainder must be added. By choosing both chicken and fish as protein source, your puppy is ensured a balanced amino acid composed of essential amino acids. Especially fish, but also chicken has higher biological value than for example, meat from cattle and pigs.

– Eggs 100
– Fish 92
– Chicken 88
– Beef and pork 78 – does not exist in UniQ
– Soybean Protein 67 – does not exist in UniQ

14,5% Fat
The fatty acids are derived from vegetable oils and fish. BASIC therefore has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Fat is the substance that gives the most energy during metabolism. Fat is energy input in concentrated form. Omega fatty acids are essential and at the same time polyunsaturated.

Omega 3 comes from fish and Omega 6 comes from corn.
The oil in BASIC is soybean oil, which has a very high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are important for the fur and skin (fat and flexibility)
Some fats the dog can produce itself, others must be added (essential). In the UniQ series many essentials have been added.
Fat is perishable and can be rancid. This means that it is necessary to add antioxidants. In UniQ vitamin E is used as an antioxidant. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant. Shelf life, light and humidity are the worst offenders in relation to preserving the fat qualities. Therefore, fresh feed is always the best – BASIC is delivered more fresh than other feed on the market. Packaging and storage means a lot for the fat quality to be maintained. So the UniQ Series bags are black inside and fully welded, and of both weather- and sun resistant film.

For the sake of the environment the new film in the UniQ series is reusable and does not constitute a hazard to groundwater, as it can be burned in incinerators without danger.

3,5 % Crude fibre
Crude fibre are insoluble and serves to absorb water and ensure a degree of filling of the colon. Fibre affects throughput time of food.

6,5 % Crude ash
Crude ash represents the mineral component

35 % Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates provide energy and act on gut function.
Carbohydrates are found in soluble and non-soluble forms. Note that there are not many carbohydrates in relation to other feed types. Are carbohydrates stated as NFE, crude fibre and crude ash are included. Soluble carbohydrates are found in cereals and maize. The extent to which they can be absorbed depends on the treatment before and during production. In the UniQ series the raw material is heated at least twice, first during mixing, then the diet is baked. It is also important that the dog has enzymes to break down the carbohydrates.

Minerals – Calcium: phosphorus ratio 1,1:0,9
All minerals are calculated.
Minerals constitute only 0.7% of the body, but work together with vitamins and enzymes.
Macro minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and chloride. The contents of calcium and phosphorus are stated by 100 grams. Calcium and phosphorus are calculated and adjusted in relation to what each individual ingredient contributes with. Therefore you should not add more of these minerals. Calcium and phosphorus are playing together and if they are unbalanced, it will cause problems with the skeleton.

Too high a phosphorus content may also cause kidney damage. One-sided feeding of meat will provide an excess of phosphorus. Therefore, tripe may be dangerous. Micro minerals: copper, manganese, cobalt, zinc, iodine, iron, selenium. Selenium is added, and works together with vitamin E and certain enzymes. Zinc is an essential mineral. Zinc deficiency can be seen on the coat. Calcium can bind zinc and too much calcium may therefore cause lack of zinc. Fish has a very high content of zinc.

With POWER you can add extra energy and you are sure that your dog does not get problems caused by lack of minerals and poor composition. You should not add minerals to the feed and thereby upset the balance.

All vitamins are added
A, D, and E are fat soluble. They are stored up and built into the body.
C and B are water soluble and are stored only in very small extent in the body.

• Vitamin A. Natural sources of vitamin A are liver, fish-liver oil, vegetables and dairy products. Vitamin A has a vital role in vision, metabolism, skeleton, development of teeth and reproduction. Vitamin A is not water soluble and can be stored in the liver. Too much vitamin A will drag out the calcium of bones.
• Vitamin C. There is not added vitamin C in the UniQ series. The dog can produce vitamin C in the liver.
• Vitamin D. Natural sources are the sun, fish-liver oils and dairy products. Vitamin D plays an important role in the regulation of calcium / phosphorus levels because it stimulates the liver to retain calcium. Therefore, the vitamin has influence on bone formation and nerve- and muscle control. Signs of deficiencies are the “rachitis” and poor growth of permanent teeth.
• Vitamin E. Vitamin E is added and is a natural preservative in the UniQ – series. Natural sources are cold-pressed oils, meat and nuts. The vitamin is fat soluble and stored in the liver. The vitamin is included in most of the body’s metabolisms. Signs of deficiencies are weakened immunity, problems with the retina and with pregnancy

B – vitamin complex, which consists of the following:

• B 1 – thiamine. Deficiency means: Loss of appetite, loss of reflexes and nerve control.
• B2 – riboflavin. Deficiency means: Loss of appetite, weight, and diarrhoea.
• B6 – pyridoxine. Deficiency means: Anaemia, skin problems, poor growth.
• B12 – cobalamin. Deficiency means: Blood problems.
• D – Pantothenic acid. Deficiency means: Hair loss, diarrhoea.
• Niacin. Deficiency means: Lack of appetite and weight, inflamed gums.
• Biotin. Deficiency means: Poor fur, dry skin, diarrhoea.
• Folic Acid. Deficiency means: Problems in bone marrow and blood.

With BASIC your dog is prevented from problems caused by vitamin deficiency and poor vitamin mix. You should not add vitamins to the feed and thereby upset the balance.