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Quality complete food for adult dogs – Blue label No grain

BASIC No Grain is a complete feed that is produced COMPLETELY without grains, rice & corn and without added aromas, colors or flavors! This means that all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs are adapted to the energy content of the food. Your dog is therefore sure to get the correct amounts of nutrients. The food also contains all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. You should therefore avoid adding minerals and vitamins so as not to upset this balance.

With BASIC No Grain dog food, you ensure your dog’s health and vitality for a lifetime. As a basic food, you will always find that your dog has a nice shiny coat and a stool that is always 100% in order. Efter en måneds fodring med BASIC No Grain oplever mange, at deres hundes pels får øget glans. After a month of feeding with BASIC No Grain, many people find that their dogs’ fur gets increased shine.

BASIC No Grain is always delivered fresh. We of course state the production date, so you can see for yourself when it was produced.

Complete food for adult dogs:

UniQ Basic No Grain – the food with the right composition of nutrients and ready to serve. Basic No Grain keeps your adult dog healthy and well. UniQ Basic No Grain can be used in dry form or dissolved in water. Remember the dog must always have access to fresh water. Indicative feed quantities per day is 11-18 g / kg. But you are the best one to look at your dog and assess how much it should have. The food is best stored cool, dark and dry. The raw materials are primarily produced by Danish farmers and fishermen. The raw materials are checked regularly in the laboratory.

Content per kg

  Protein   28,0%
  Fat content   14,5%
  Crude fibre   2,5%
  Cruse ash    7,0%
  Water   8,0%
  Calcium   1,2%
  Phosphorus   0,9%
  Magnesium   0,1%
  Natrium   0,45%
  Kalium   0,8%



  Vitamin A   19980 IE
  Vitamin D3   1998 IE
  Vitamin E   200 mg
  Vitamin B1   3,33mg
  Vitamin B2   13,32 mg
  Vitamin B6   2,66 mg
   Niacin   28,64 mg
  Ca-D-Pantothensyre   39,96 mg
  Vitamin B12   0,13 mg
  Biotin   0,03 mg
  Folinsyre   0,53 mg
Chloin chlorid   1640 mg

Trace elements

  Calciumjodat, vandfrit   4,97 mg l
  Kobber chelat af aminosyrehydrat   2,0 mg Cu
  Zinksulfat, monohydrat   94,25 mg Zn
  Zinkchelat   30,00 mg Zn
  Natriumselenit   0,097 mg Se
  Selenomethionin   0,013 mg Se

Omega-3 og -6 fatty acid

  Omega-3-fatty acid   3,86 g
  Omega-6-fatty acid   19,2 g
EU antioxidants and preservatives