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UniQ Skjold is developed especially for active dogs spending a lot of time outdoors in the nature and dogs being exercised a lot and thus often affected by insects and ticks. UniQ Skjold Free has an insect deterrent effect due to the unique composition of oils and herbs. In addition, the specific herbs have a soothing effect on itching and burning and support the healing process after insect stings and flea bites. Further, the specific herbal mixture has the effect that ticks do not remain on the dog. Only 100% natural ingredients are used in the product.

Daily dose
1ml per kg body weight
Small dogs 10-20 ml per day. Large dogs 25-50 ml per day

Danish cold-pressed rape seed oil 55.50%
Salmon oil 20.00%
Vegetable special oil 6.00%
Herbal mix 17.00%*
Lecithin 1.50%

* Herbal mix: Peppermint oil, liquorice root, thyme, crushed garlic, marigold, camomile, yarrow, milk thistle seeds

This mixture contains inter alia
Crude protein 2.50%
Crude fat 82.50%
Lignin 4.50%
Crude ashes 1.50%

Metabolisable energy 30.6 MJ per kg