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Insect free Cat

The Insect free oil is developed for cats spending a lot of time in the nature and staying in areas with a lot of insects and ticks. The Insect free has an insect-deterrent effect and the specifically selected composition of oils and herbs also have a soothing effect on itching and burning and support the healing process after stings and insect bites. The oil gives a beautiful, shiny coat due to its balanced content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

UniQ’s oils are entirely Danish natural products. No artificial additives are used, and the herbs used are organic, grown and processed in Denmark. Further, the oils are produced in Denmark, which ensures full traceability and thus increased certainty for the consumer.

Daily dose:
1 ml per kg body weight.

Danish cold-pressed rape seed oil 55.50%
Salmon oil 20.00%
Herbal mix 17.00%
Vegetable special oil 6.00%
Lecithin 1.50%

This mixture contains inter alia
Crude fat 82,50%
Lignin 4.50%
Crude protein 2.50%
Crude ashes 1.50%
Metabolisable energy 30.6 MJ per kg