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Animalhelpcare, 100 & 250 ml 

Animalhelpcare is a saline spray that can be used for washing and rinsing wounds, eyes, ears and nose.

AmonAway 500 Ml

AmonAway is a brand new, natural air purifier that neutralizes ammonia odor from urine etc. The ammonia vapors are converted into odorless ammonium salt, which is immersed in bedding / cat litter.

Trinol DEET spray 40%, 60 ml

Trinol DEET Spray protects you against mosquitoes for an average of 8 hours and against tick bites for 4 hours.

F-Spray 100 ml

The tick spray causes the user to become uninteresting as a meal for the blood-sucking mites, and thus bites are avoided. The ingredients of the spray are organic essential oils as well as various organic tinctures extracted on bio-alcohol. The scent is quite mild and pleasant. The product is sprayed directly on the skin or on the clothes.


 Canifly Bird Launcher

Canifly bird ejector allows you to “lighten” a bird 100% controlled. With Canifly, you can train peace in the air of birds.

Canifly Bird Launcher w/remote

Canifly bird ejector allows you to “lighten” a bird 100% controlled. With Canifly, you can train peace in the air of birds.

extra new remote control


Apporteringsdummy 200 & 400 gram, Red

Made of durable strong canvas. Exercise with your dog, is suitable for retrieval both on land and in water.

HandsOn Glove

HandsOn Gloves is the #1 Ranked, Multi-Award Winning, Patented animal shedding/bathing/ grooming gloves that animals prefer for the generous massage they provide.

Duvil Care ointment

Duvil care ointment is a unique combination of oil and wax. The product is an effective emollient ointment, which is particularly suitable for clean dry areas, e.g. on scabs, on dry skin and surgical scars. Wounds and scars soften and heal nicely.

Siccaro FlexDogMat

Siccaro FlexDogMat, olive/camo, 55x70cm

Siccaro FlexDogMat, olive/camo, 55x90cm

Siccaro Spirit, camo

Siccaro Spirit is from Siccaro, and absolutely best solution for wiping a wet dog.

Siccaro Supreme Pro, elmwood

Surpreme pro is from Siccaro, and absolutely best solution for drying a wet dog.

EasyDry Towel

– Silky smooth viscose terry made from bamboo fibers
– Antibacterial and odor reducing
– Absorbs 5 times own weight
– Easily stored in sewn-in pocket
– Does not provide static electricity

CANIBEEP PRO Beeper Dog collar

– Adjustable volume
– Ergonomic design
– Selection of 4 different tones
– Easy to clean polyurethane strap

Orange Dog Collar

Necklace in soft strong nylon with click lock. Size max 60 cm.

ACME whistle 210,5 & 211,5

ACME whistle for the hunting dog.The product is made of plastic, which ensures a precise and constant sound. The whistle is easy to blow in and has a high solid tone.Suitable for long distances. model 210.5 & 211.5 available. 

UniQ Signal vest 

UniQ Signal vest / dog vest in orange. S, M, L, XL

Dog leash green 1,2 m. 

Country Classic dog line


Dog leash Black 1,2 m. 

Country Classic dog line

2in1 Feed bowl with integrated weight

With Intelligent pet bowl, you are guaranteed the correct amount of feed every time. We always recommend weighing the dog’s / cat’s food to ensure proper feeding. With a food bowl from the Pet Bowl, you always have the weight at hand. It is incredibly easy to measure the food.

Canicom GPS

– Waterproof
– Rechargeable
– Tracking: up to 20 dogs
– Free iOS and Android app
– Range: 15 km

Training Dummy

Easy and comfortable lightweight training dummy to retrieve for the dog. The floating rope is perfect for throwing the dummy out at a longer distance. Dummy is strong solid and lightweight. – made of the popular Dura Foam. The material makes it suitable for training all year round.

Dog Mouthpiece

Soft nylon mouth basket with safety clip. XS-L

Polyurethane Dog Collar 65 cm

avaliable in Black, Orange, Yellow

Training Clicker

With a Training Clicker you can reward your dog with sound. Adjustable clicker.

Dog training whistle

Good all-round whistle for dog training for dog owners and professional trainers. Made of hard steel, but in a lightweight design that gives a light sound.