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Absolut Energy

– Performance enhancing drink for dogs that have to give that little bit extra. When working, hunting, at competitions
or at shows, you can give your dog extra energy in a concentrated form. Energy helps your dog maintain concentration and performance ability when it has to give top performances.

The various types of sugar ensure energy release during the work day. Flax (Omega-3 source) has been added
in order for the dog to maintain the condition even after several days of hard work.
Flax contributes to stabilising the energy supplement to the dog.
The shaded area is the necessary energy level. This depends on the individual dog and workload.

ABSOLUT ENERGI is sold in light-protected tubes of 100 ml – enough for 3-5 work day rations depending on the size of the dog.

How you may use ABSOLUT ENERGI
Warm the tube in your hands for approx. two minutes before you give the content to the dog.
The dog should not be fed in the morning before the work. Thereby you ensure that the energy is absorbed with lower use of the dog’s own energy and that the sense of smell is optimised. You may choose to give the daily dose in numerous ways depending on the length and hardness of the work period:

The entire daily dose in the morning just before the dog starts working. This is recommended when the work period is less than four hours. Scent work, short-distance explosions, short hunting tests etc.
Split the daily dose into two. Give one half just before the dog starts working and one half during a rest halfway through the work. This is recommended in connection with semi-hard work and when the combined work period is more than four hours.
Exhibitions, hunting tests with long rest periods between the tests etc.
The entire daily dose during a rest halfway through the work. This is recommended by hard work where the work period exceeds four hours, in connection with hunting and tests where the dog must perform throughout the day etc.

By hard work, for staying focussed or during hunting

Recommended dose 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per 15 kg dog or 1 ml per kg dog per work day.

Waning Should only be used for dogs with a healthy basic condition and for a maximum of 5 days in a row.

ABSOLUT ENERGI contains: Monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides and Flax

ABSOLUT ENERGI is a performance-enhancing drink for dogs having to perform extra. If your dog is working, hunting, competing or at an exhibition, you may supplement with concentrated extra energy by way of ABSOLUT ENERGI. The supplement contributes to ensuring that your dog stays focussed during the days when it has to give top performances.
With ABSOLUT ENERGI you will be able to ascertain that your dog’s performance and ability to focus are improved for up to 3-5 hours.